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Win 6 Free Subscription Months
Hey guys

You can win 6 Free Subscriptions Months. 

How ?

You just need to make a Logo for the Site / Hack that can be used for the Website as well as in the Menu of the Loader. You're free to go for any style you want. The best Entry wins.

Second Task is making a short Youtube video showcasing the Hack and the features you mainly use. It has to be over 2 minutes long. For those that do not have a sub right now you have to first create and show your logo icon etc. And you will then get a couple of hours of playtime to make a video

After the first task is completed you get access to the hack in order to make a video showcasing the features.

Please post your entries here if you can't upload it directly to the site because of size constraints please upload it somwhere else and link it in your post

You can post your entries here.

The best one gets 6 free months of Cod4x Mombot.

This is landers Entry: https://postimg.cc/phwx892w

This is Srabons Entry: https://imgur.com/a/yDPuZIC

The Poll will be up until the 7 of February. After that the winner will be announced and the new Logo will be used on the Website as well as The Hack menu

only me and other customers are eligible to vote any other vote will not be counted in the final tally.
Nice Smile Good luck everyone Smile
This is landers Entry: https://postimg.cc/phwx892w
better version

[Image: red2.png]
This is Srabos Video Entry: https://youtu.be/RiDlGZee38A
Awesome. I used to be a graphic designer so I think I'll submit something myself. Going to download Illustrator now! :- )
(02-04-2021, 06:26 PM)vRice Wrote: Awesome. I used to be a graphic designer so I think I'll submit something myself. Going to download Illustrator now! :- )

amazing once you've done that you can hit me up to get access to the hack so you can make a video. best would be a logo that fits the Website and one that fit's the Menu of the hack especially the Dark Background I guess. Post your results here or link them here.
(01-31-2021, 03:17 PM)Crx Wrote: This is landers Entry: https://postimg.cc/phwx892w

I can't send a private message
since the only one who delivered a video on time was srabon he wins the contest. he will continue to improve the logo used and enjoy his free subscription.

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