COD4x Amibot - An honest review.
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Hello everyone, 

I felt like after a full day of running this, I'd leave some honest feedback and criticism.  Blush
It's only right I share my opinion on this product to help persuade others, as I've been pleasantly impressed!
For supporting my feedback I'd like to state that I've used a lot of cheats across many games, both public and private cheats for many games - titles such as Battlefield, Warzone, Titanfall, Counter Strike, and every Call of Duty that's ever been released. To say the least, I've had a lot of experience with private cheat providers and for this specific game, my favorite cheat (which, is dated and no longer supported) was Codehook - which until today remained the only cheat I genuinely considered to be the "best cheat" for the game. Now, I'd have to say - this is the best cheat for COD4x, period.

Price - 

I've seen posts stating "this price is too expensive!"

I want to point out that this game is 14 years old - the population for this game is significantly lower nowadays and due to this, creating a private cheat (behind a paywall) and maintaining and updating it regularly can simply be a waste of their time. Not to mention with the introduction of COD4x, a third-party update w/ added anti-cheat - they're just about the only cheat you can find. With a low population, there's even less people who are going to buy this and with less buyers the price is perfect. A quick search through any cheating forum will display results that show there's no genuine competition for this cheat, making it easily the best you can buy and potentially the only one you can buy. So to anyone who considers this too expensive, I say show me one that has everything this has, with the added security.

Aimbot - 

For clarity I'd like to first state - I don't use aimbot myself regularly, but for the purpose of making a review I did try it and I have to say, with the right settings and your Aim-Key set to Left Mouse (when you fire only) coupled with a low field of view, there's not a single other cheat for COD4 (in the past that I've used) that is so fully enriched with features that allow for what I'd consider a totally passable and legit aimbot.

Aimbot Settings

Field of View: 

Below 2 - I already have great aim, so I preferred the lowest possible FOV so it went undetectable during my testing.

Aim Targeting: 

Crosshair + Upper Spine/Chest - either the chest or upper spin works for those with great crosshair-placement already.

With these settings and smoothing on, I have to say - I played around 10 matches top fragging in promod, and several free for all games (all which I received screenshot warnings on) and not once was I called out by other players and admins (after screenshotting) didn't ban me. I personally prefer using my actual aim aside from the occasional silent aim for scoping but from what I've seen this community has several configs available in the Discord and helpful members that are willing to help you get a legit config set up if you need it. The aimbot is extremely smooth and undetectable if you don't have it on rage settings - and for those that like to rage? It has everything you need - You'll love it. Plus with the fact they have anti-ban settings you can easily rage hack on servers you dislike (though I don't condone this or recommend it) and not get fully banned.

Visuals - 

As I said about the Aimbot being fully-enriched with features, so are the visual settings!

You have several options to choose from for every single feature and for those who want to stream, this cheat is perfect for you!

For those seeking to stream on Twitch, gameserver Discord calls, or to their friends for proving they're not cheating - Use the DX settings or "Stream Proof" in the Misc/Miscellaneous tab and you're good to go! As I've said numerous times, I typically play with legit settings - I prefer just ESP and completely ignore the enemy and focus solely on sound cues for my reasoning of knowing where an oppositional player is - this way, I can always have an excuse if I need to appeal a demo. Since I rely on sound cues, simply saying "I heard him" works and when they watch the demo over, hear the sound cue - whether it's a reload, falling, footsteps, whatever reason I used I will have a verifiable reason as to how I heard or knew where that player was. 

But, for the sake of this I did test everything. The chams have your typical options, wireframe and glass - they're great. 

I personally dislike chams as they're distracting and I like to make sure I actually see an enemy when they peek, not relying on bright colors - but these are great.

As for everything else - names, health, grenades, it's all there. Nothing is lacking in this cheat and I believe there's options for anyone and this cheat will easily fit into anyone's playstyle to allow them to have a great experience cheating. With the engine ESPs, I can quite honestly say this cheat gets the job done and I genuinely love the experience in Promod servers with it, as well as dominating the few matches of FFA or TDM. 


Honestly when I say this cheat deserves a 5/5 star rating I truly mean it.

I was not asked to make a review nor are we told to give feedback but after using it and realizing this is easily one of the best cheats I've ever used on COD4 - I believe it's worthy of a great review and hopefully I convince others to at least try it. The visuals, the aimbot, the anti-ban options, stream proof and security measures (screenshot cleaner) make this cheat the best for the game. As one of possibly the only available for COD4x I have to admit - the price point is perfect, and they deserve the money for maintaining a cheat for a game that's almost 15 years old, with a third party client that's being updated to keep the community alive. 

I genuinely believe anyone who ends up purchasing this will realize this too - it's the best cheat out for COD4x.

Would also like to note, I've been screenshotted over 50 times approximately (in a day) and only received one server ban - which, after discussing with the admins on here, I've decided was an anomaly. So! I hope you all really consider this cheat and I'd like to thank you guys for providing a well-made, regularly updated cheat for a game I love so much.

5/5 stars.  Heart

- wzrds
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