Review MOMBOT Cod4X !
Started by semmyonimprove

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08-25-2021, 05:10 AM -
What can i say ? 

Working like a charm. Are you interested in a rage-cheat? Ok, just set up max FOV and disable SPREAD . enjoy

Are you looking for  a legit cheat? OK! just actually use low fov and use "weapon-based-configs" to stay under the radars.

Punkbuster  / CoD4x

You wont have problems with SS or CoD4x anticheat, mombot will hide everything, and people 'll just think your good!

So , Semmy, whats the final review on this cheat?

actually the BEST SAFE UNDETECTED cheat you can find. you should BUY immediately.

Also , the support / owner are really helpful , they 'll help you in any situation and fast

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