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Cod4x private Cheat Released (Roccat Silent Aimbot AntiBan StreamProof ) - Crx - 10-21-2020

  Instant access to Loader and Private Forum after payment

[Image: paymentmethods.png]        [Image: pp_cc_mark_111x69.jpg]

You have to be registered on the forum to buy the hack make sure you activate the account by checking your emails (if you don't use a valid e-mail you will not be able to register) and using the activation link. If you don't receive one contact us on discord  DO NOT CREATE DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE DONT CREATE NEW ONES. 

Hack Showcase

Nospread and Aimbot:



Rage Aimbot
Bone Targeting: Head, Spine, Body etc...
Auto-Wall: Aim thru walls and shoot if you do enough damage.
Auto-Bone: Selects first visible Bone or best One e.g Head, Eyes etc. 
Auto bone focus chooses which region of the player the auto bone will prefer.
Aimbot Targetlock *NEW
Aimbot Corrections: Ping , Frame *NEW , BulletSpeed *NEW, BulletDrop *NEW
Distance and Crosshair Targeting System.
Visibility checks
Silent Aimbot; (perfect : invisible to everyone)
Aim Fov Circle ESP
Aim Bone Target ESP
NoSpread (get non stop noscopes with Snipers)
Double FOV when Ennemy is under 10 Meters from you.
Fastshoot: turns every gun in a full auto gun.
NoSway: Guns don't move when in ads.

Smooth  Human Aimbot very legit (4 possible styles)
Controller Aim Assist *NEW
Recoil Control System: Control your Recoil based on the Percentage you like.
Aim key: Aim only when a certain key is pressed.
Custom Aim_key : choose your own Aim_key
Aim Fov Customizable (Perfect Dynamic FOV)
Ignore Ennemy when behind smoke
Don't Aim again before Aimkey was released and pressed down again. ( NeedsTriggerRelease)
Random Bone when Aiming. (Autobone Only)

Perfect Triggerbot
TriggerBot Key
Custom Triggerbot Key.
TriggerBot Custom Delay Before Shooting.

Visibility checks
Ennemy only Toggle
2D Boxes
2D Boxes filled
Bounding Boxes
Cornered Boxes
3D Boxes
Name ESP
Health ESP
Weapon ESP
Distance ESP
Skeleton / Bone ESP
Snaplines ESP
Customizable Colors for Ennemies and Friendly
Name and Rank ESP Hack (enemy only)
Engine Wallhack makes players visible thru any wall at any distance.
Enemy engine nade position prediction (Perfectly predicts projectiles position in time)  *NEW (and unique) 
Self Nade prediction  *NEW (and unique) 
Nade and projectiles ESP / Icons or text with  Teamcheck
ITEM ESP (Dropped Weapon's etc)
Claymore ESP icon or text with teamcheck
Warnings ESP (Players and Projectiles)
Barrel ESP

2D Radar:
Invisible Background
Show Teammates
Teammates Colors

Engine Radar:
Shows Ennemies on the minimap. 
Removes Allies from Minimap
Shows when players are shooting 

Perfect Chams thru any wall / all map *NEW (and unique) 
2D Flat PixelShader Chams
Textured 3D Model Chams
Glass Chams
Glow Chams
Wireframe Chams
Weapon and equipment chams
PixelShader Colors are customizable in real-time.
Visible only chams
Wallhack Turn off or on Hidden Chams 
Team check: Chams only enemies or forces both

StreamProof: (Menu DirectX Names, distance, and 2d box esp as well as crosshairs  are clean on Streamlabs, everything else will show up except of course non visual features) 
333 FPS BYPASS, unlock 333 on any Server Mod / e.g Promod You can also change FPS using Ghost Cvars.
no sky
no smoke
no scope
no muzzle flash
no shellshock
Cvar Unlocker use any commands like cg third person etc..
Hack Console, bind any key to any cheat feature. Use Commands to interact with the Cheat. 

Multiple and Weapon Config saving system. Save all your Settings in a cfg File.

You can edit and save your configs in Hack Menu or by editing the config file with a text editor.
Multi Config System makes and load as many configs as you want useful for different scenarios, mods, or even on a per gun basis.

Some Settings can be Saved for each Weapon Individually and will be Loaded automatically when that gun is in your hand.

Cod4x AC fully undetected.
PB fully undetected.
Cod4x Screenshot Cleaner - Any screenshot taken will be clean, your game will freeze for about a couple of frames, and then it will be resumed, overlay is also disabled during this timespan, each screenshot is logged and you'll be informed each time when there was a screenshot attempt.
Anti-Ban (new COD4xID on each server reconnect meaning you can just reconnect to a server if the admin banned you. / some servers also Ban your IP, in that case, change it with a VPN or Proxy and you are good to go).

Supported Game Versions: For the latest up-to-date Cod4x version. Working for Legit and Cracked Copy of the Game.
Supported Windows versions :  Original Copy of: win 10 (64 bit  ) , win 8.1(64 bit ) ,win7 ( 64 bit) service pack 3, win 11 x64

VIP Customer Support and Help.

Buy Here:
[Image: paymentmethods.png]        [Image: pp_cc_mark_111x69.jpg]

Prices Available:

16.9Euro 1 Month

37.9 Euro 3 Months

55.9 Euro 6 Months

79.9 Euro for a year (BEST VALUE)

Any Hack Loader HWID Reset cost's 7 Euro it is free during the 3 first day that you bought the hack.

Limited Slots

For the latest up to date Cod4x version.
Payment methods available are paypal or crypto , Stripe aka Credit Cards, Cs go Skins, Alipay, Wechatpay. Register on site before ordering.

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