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Registration Activation Email [FIXED] - Crx - 01-13-2021

Since I alway get messages that some of you don't get an activation email when registering I'll repeat some basics here in a dedicated post. 

You need to use an email address  you have access to. If you don't you will not be able to activate the account and buy the hacks. Second if you don't get the email even after double checking your email address and making sure it's correct do please check your spam folder. If you still don't get an activation email just make a new account with another address.

RE: Registration reminder - Crx - 01-14-2021

UPDATE : We are currently working with the Provider to see why some automatic activation E-Mails are not getting sent. In the Meantime contact me at to activate your account manually. Ill keep a tab on the forum and Activate each new user manually until we find the issue with the webhost provider.

RE: Registration Activation Email [FIXED] - Crx - 01-14-2021

Okay So i just tested and fixed the email registration. The automatic Email should arrive like usual after registrating make sure you go activate the account by clicking the link in the email your received. Once that is done you can buy the hack. After you successfully bought the hack you will see the private section of the forum

If you don't see the private section after buying refresh the page and you should see it.