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Cod4x S0NAR - Crx - 12-13-2021

We are releasing an invite only stealth sound hack for Cod4x.

This is free of charge to those who pass our background Check and are loyal customers.
You need to be an active Customer and have bought Subs more than once. It is my decision if you can use it or not. It doesn't come with any subscription so you cannot buy it standalone. It is made to be used for league play (fps challenge) or anywhere where you cannot show visuals ( e.g playing with moss).
It is meant to be easy to understand and use while remaining invisible for any anti cheat out there.
basic behavior is as follows: (There are other customization settings)

Mode 0 will beep when enemy is close to you, the faster beeping the closer he is
Mode 1 will beep when enemy is near your crosshair, the faster beeping the closer to crosshair he is